Lt. Cmdr Ernest E. Evans

Remembering one of the Navy's greatest military heroes

Evans will be honored with a bronze bust on a granite pedestal that will be placed in downtown Muskogee. Evans' bust will be done by the world class sculptor, Paul Moore.

We have reached our goal of $40,000! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and shared our mission.

Our dedication ceremony will be April in 2022 - details to be determined. 


Who is Ernest E Evans?

An extraordinary hero deserves recognition

Oklahoman Ernest E Evans was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for his remarkable actions in the largest naval battle in history.

As the Commander of the USS Johnston on October 25, 1944, Ernest E. Evans lead his destroyer during part of the Battle Off Samar. His extraordinary heroism plus the heroism of many other sailors and pilots of Taffy 3 saved MacArthur's invasion forces. 

Taffy 3 was greatly out gunned and out numbered, but Evans and the rest of Taffy 3 shocked the Japanese with their aggressiveness.  This made the Japanese think they were fighting a much larger American fleet and ultimately forced the Japanese to retreat. Their mission was a success but it came at a great cost in ship, planes and men (over 1000 men and six ships).

His heroic leadership and actions in the battle are documented in the 2004 book "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour" by James D. Hornfischer.

Evans was inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame in 2009 but has received little recognition in his hometown of Muskogee and his home state.

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The Ernest E. Evans Memorial

We've already commissioned an artist to create the monument and we are raising funds to bring it to life. Here are the details of the memorial and how you can support its creation to properly honor one of U.S. military's greatest heroes.


About the Monument

The monument will be bronze bust of Ernest E. Evans in his military dress uniform wearing his posthumous Medal of Honor. The sculpture includes a model of the USS Johnston firing and laying a smoke screen. The bust will be placed on a granite base with his Medal of Honor citation, day of birth and day of death.

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About the Artist

Paul Moore is a fifth generation Oklahoman and a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. In the past forty years, he has sculpted more than 150 commissions for numerous municipal, corporate, private and international collections.

Moore is a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America and a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society in New York, NY. He has garnered numerous awards including four Anne Marion/Best of Shows, the Stetson Award, two Ray Swanson Awards, four Gold Medals and five Silver Medals for Sculpture at the Annual Cowboy Artists of America Show. From the National Sculpture Society in New York, NY, he has received the Gold Medal/The Maurice B. Hexter Prize, the Silver Medal/The John Cavanaugh Memorial Award, the Margaret Hexter Prize and Leonard J. Meiselman Memorial Award. In 2018 he won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the documentary “Paul Moore: Monument Man” PBS/OETA.

Moore has already made the clay model bust of Ernest E. Evans and cast the sculpture. Follow us for details on the dedication ceremony.

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About the Location

The Ernest E. Evans monument will be placed in downtown Muskogee.

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How You can Help

We did it! The Ernest E. Evans Memorial Fund has raised $40,000 of $40,000!  

How you can support us:

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May His Sacrifice Never Be Forgotten

We've made our goal of $40,000!

Whether you're a WWII history buff, a veteran servicemember, fellow Oklahoman or grateful American, we appreciate your support!

The dedication ceremony will be in April 2022, details to come. 



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